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Nora Sheffe

BPE, CPF – Associate (Ottawa)

Photo of Nora Sheffe Ottawa Meeting FacilitatorNora Sheffe, is an Ottawa-based Certified Professional Facilitator and member of the International Association of Facilitators. She is an expert in design, facilitation and reporting. Nora has been consulting for close to 20 years. She has facilitated hundreds of meetings in organizations and communities across Canada and around the world.

Her projects include business and strategic planning sessions, participative public consultations, governance discussions, senior management retreats, conference facilitation, as well as learning and development workshops.  She provides training in the areas of leadership, communication, conflict resolution, and facilitation.

As a process expert, Nora has worked with a vast range of groups and clients including: federal ministers and senior government officials, Toronto street-involved youth, leaders of national and international sports organizations, and rural nurses in Africa.  Nora’s thoughtful, flexible approach allows her to excel in challenging circumstances.  Her experience and knowledge of process techniques has enabled her to work effectively with expert advisory committees, boards of directors, multi-stakeholder groups, industry leaders and at town hall meetings with the general public.

Clients continually comment on Nora’s attention to detail and her expertise in leading groups of all sizes to discuss complex issues and make decisions.