We Are Your Facilitation Experts

We build stakeholder and public consultation processes for government, for agencies, and other organizations with complex needs.

Our facilitators specialize in high-heat stakeholder and public consultations. We are leaders skilled at getting stakeholders and the public engaged, and getting gatekeepers listening. We are neutral. We take care of the processes so that everyone can fully participate in the meeting or group work. We guide participants to their own decisions.

Our award-winning facilitators will add value to your work.

The Monarch Park Group Inc. can help you whether your group needs online collaboration through virtual meetings, or is able to attend workshops in person.

As you get to know us, you’ll develop confidence in what a skilled facilitator can bring to your organization’s stakeholder engagement and public consultation work. We have the skills to help your organization move forward.

Karyn is a highly talented facilitator capable of working well with everyone, including more challenging stakeholders…Karyn always puts her clients’ needs first and is an absolute delight to work with.

Omar McDadi – External Relations Manager, Parks Canada