About Us

We provide meeting facilitation and public consultation facilitation in Toronto, across Ontario, and throughout Canada (and virtually anywhere in the world!) We engage a variety of skilled associates. The Monarch Park Group Inc. promises that facilitation services will be provided by well-trained facilitators who either have the Certified Professional Facilitator designation, or are working towards it and are mentored/supervised by a CPF.

Meet Our Team

Why Us?

Because you need to hear from a wide range of stakeholders.
Because you need everybody on the same page and working together.
Because you need to get from chaos to clarity.
Because you need forward thinking in order to thrive.

We can demonstrate the possibilities and cost-effectiveness of taking the time to get everybody on the same page and working together, even when people are remotely-located.

We are on the leading edge when it comes to incorporating technology.

We do thorough work, have great turnaround times, and employ out-of-the-box thinking to create custom-designed processes with each of our clients.

We value:

  • Resourcefulness and adaptability in our consultants
  • Wisdom and open-mindedness in our clients
  • Boldness and impact in our work, and
  • Proactivity in all of the above

We were in the excellent hands of our Facilitator, Karyn Dumble, and of Liisa Sorsa, our Graphic Facilitator, both of whom kept the conversation moving and elicited a strong foundation for our ongoing and future work on the Internationalization Committee.

Dr. Melanie Panitch – JC Eaton Chair in Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Ryerson University