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Stakeholder Consultation

Bring your stakeholders together to gather feedback on proposed directions or changes. Gain insights into the minds of your community members. Foster a commitment to transparency. Stakeholder consultations are opportunities for open communication between your organization and its community, as well as an opportunity for your community to come together and create connections within itself.

Virtual Facilitation

The current reality is that we cannot meet in-person. However, organizations still need to bring teams together in spite of the restrictions, consultations still need to happen, and conferences are virtual events. We can help you do this. Whether it’s a focus group, a planning session, or a public meeting, The Monarch Park Group can...

Strategic Planning

Our method is participatory and consensus-driven. It is best suited to organizations that include those who implement the plan in its creation. It works with the idea that, although it’s not a top-down process, the top is informed of the planning work being undertaken throughout the organization. We spend time identifying the desired reality for...